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Neyriz Crystal


Neyriz Crystal is one of the old crystal stones of Iran, which has a white background and gray and black lines. One of the characteristics of Neyriz Crystal is the presence of small and large black spots, which increase in weak varieties. One of the special features of Neyriz porcelain is low water absorption, high compressive and wear resistance. This stone is known in the world under the brand name of white marble.


One of the most important and obvious features of Niriz porcelain stone is its low water absorption and very high density and absorbability.



Water Absorption Gravity Porosity Compressive Strength Abrasion Resistance
Min 0.3 2.5 petty 500 2.0
Max 1.5 2.8 2.5 1500 6
Neyriz Crystal 0.15 2.71 850 3.7

Applications Neyriz Crystal:  Interiors, Wall, Commercial, Lobby of hotels and residential towers, artifacts 

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