Red Carpet Granit

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Red Carpet Granit


Red Carpet Granit is one of the red granites, which has an attractive and warm color and pattern. Also has good resistance to pressure and heat and does not scratch easily. Other features of red carpet granite can be mentioned as good resistance to cold and weathering. Good surface to be polished and has compressive strength as well as high density. 


It is very resistant to chemicals and has the lowest rate of color change and corrosion. Also, this stone is antibacterial, which prevents the accumulation of pollution and does not allow the growth of fungus and mold. Therefore, it can be used in the kitchen as well as in the laboratories as a stone plate of the cabinet.



Water Absorption Gravity Porosity Compressive Strength Abrasion Resistance
Min 0.1 2.1 petty 900 2.6
Max 2 3.5 2.5 2800 7
Red Carpet  Granite 1.44 2.41 1350 3.5

Applications Red Carpet Granit:  Interiors & Exterior, Wall, Commercial, Floors, Lobby of hotels and residential towers

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