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Laibid Crystal:  

Laibid crystal has a very high variety of colors and is extracted and processed in pale blue, gray, satin and bright white colors. Most of the varieties of these stones are processed into very beautiful slabs.

Crystal Stone is among the highest quality and oldest stones used in the construction industry. 


Laibid crystal is used in many cases due to its appearance characteristics and very suitable structural parameters. The minimal water absorption of this stone and its high resistance to moisture, cold and heat have made Laibid stone the focus of many construction industry activists. This stone is one of the few stones used in the interior and exterior of the building. In addition to ordinary and polished sandblasted, it is processed by other methods such as honed, sandblasted, axed, and tabular.


Laibid Crystal Remarkable Features:

  • Very high density and high hardness, which is important for the health of the stone and increased production efficiency Very high adaptability for processing
  • Very high strength 
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • High compressive strength
  • Very low water absorption
  • The ability to create very beautiful book match and form match slab frames
  • Resistant to moisture, cold and heat
Water Absorption Gravity Porosity Compressive Strength Abrasion Resistance
Min 0.3 2.50 petty 500 2.20
Max 1.50 2.80 2.50 1500 6
Laibid Crystal 0.21 2.72 0.17 1200 3


General Applications:

The exterior parts of the building, Flooring applications for residential & commercial units, Interior facades, stepping stones, city sidewalks & pavements, Yard & parking floors, Countertops, Cabinets and space inside the kitchen, Luxury bathrooms,…


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