Red Travertine

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Red Travertine


Red Travertine is one of the most unique travertines in the world. A gorgeous deep red, mixing by orange, and rust mingle in natural patterns It is also known as Rosso Travertine and comes in vein cuts and cross cuts in tile and slab dimensions.


 It is highly resistant to sunlight, cold, and heat and has a good polishing surface due to its high compressive strength.



Water Absorption Gravity Porosity Compressive Strength Abrasion Resistance
Min 0.2 2.4 3 300 2.7
Max 6 2.7 12 800 4
Red Travertine 2.4 2.7 8 506 3.3


Applications of Red Travertine:  External or Interiors, Wall, Flooring, Commercial, Residential, Landscaping, decorative artifacts

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Orange, Red



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Indoor, Outdoor


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